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Welcome to Crypto Rome

The Crypto Roman world is one of excess and advanced technology. The lack of consequence has shaped the economy in unusual ways. While many live out their fantasies, there is turmoil lurking beneath the surface.

Nearly a millennium ago, the crypto roman bio-consensarri found a vein of SKALE in the arctic region. This SKALE bubbles to the surface and, in this cold, desolate place, the wootgump plant thrives. These magical plants, in turn, allow a jungle to flourish in the bitter cold. The wootgump plant is filled with psycho-active nanoparticles that heal everything around them, even death.

With this new power to heal, the economy shifted to pure entertainment. Bloodsport became the dominant way to earn prestige. The Colosseum quickly dominated the social structure of Crypto Rome.

Now, Crypto Colosseum: Larva Maiorum is the dance between gladiators, patrons, and the crowd. The action-packed battles happen at the speed of adrenaline and the screams of the bloodthirsty fans.

Crypto Colosseum: Larva Maiorum is a massively multiplayer real-time battle strategy game. The crowd changes the outcome of every battle through strategic item play, cheering, and trash talk.

Do you have what it takes?

The before times

$SKL is a powerful mineral with physical properties that, to lesser civilizations, make it appear magic.

A long time ago, an ancient alien civilization realized they could use $SKL to open portals to planets scattered through the universe. They did not travel via spaceship, but instead walked onto distant lands.

One such land is Earth. The alien civilization found a massive deposit of $SKL near the North Pole. They researched the area, documenting the extensive deposit and then walked off, they have not yet revisited.

Over eons, the $SKL bubbled to the surface of the arctic and allowed complex life to thrive in a generally desolate place. Eventually, a hybrid plant/fungus called Wootgump would evolve. This Wootgump became the center of an immense tropical-like jungle flourishing in the bitter cold.

It would continue to be a long time before a hapless Retro Viking tribe stumbled upon this jungle and found the magic properties of the Wootgump.